The devil is always in the details, and there are historically thousands of monthly dollars overlooked by restaurateurs all over the world. Why you may ask? For a bustling restaurant, it is very easy on the inside to overlook that which may be more visible from the outside. So we provide not only an in-depth restaurant and business knowledge and experience but also a fresh pair of eyes.

Running a successful restaurant requires many characteristics, including the courage to chase the dream. And it is that courage that many times is required to convert your losing or break-even venue into a profitable one. If you have the courage for change — to realize profit improvement –, we’ll research, evaluate and modify your:

  • Cost-output ratios.
  • Protocols — front end and back end staff.
  • Labor cost improvement.
  • Food and liquor cost improvement.
  • Additional income through co-promotions. 
  • Visibility enhancement, both online and offline.