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Serving NYC and Florida! Through knowledge and experience we assist you in converting your vision into practical reality by telling you want you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.
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Since 2009

Through knowledge and experience we assist you in converting your vision into practical reality by telling you want you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

Who We Are

A2Z Restaurant Consulting is comprised of innovative hospitality experts offering full-service restaurant consulting in NYC metro and Southen Florida. Our team leads our clients by creating engaging hospitality experiences through cohesive strategy, anchored by a diverse team of restaurateurs, marketing professionals, renowned chefs, operations managers, and franchise development experts.

A2Z Restaurant Consulting was founded by a successful New York restaurateur who teamed up with efficiency and marketing experts to help provide restaurateurs 360 assistance to realize their dreams.

We guide you with location scouting, concept development, feasibility studies permit & licensing, budgeting, staffing & training, vendor negotiations & procurement, menu engineering, branding, and so much more.

A2z restaurant consulting - who we are

Sectors We Serve

Casual Dining

We serve all types of casual dining restaurants, including family-style, fast food, cafes, bistros, cafeterias, and diners.

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Fine Dining

We’ve worked with almost every cuisine style in an elegant setting, from upscale American to middle eastern, to Asian.

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Multi-location restaurants require different approaches to systems, operations, promotions & marketing.

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Pop Ups

A2Z recreated the Carnegie Deli for Amazon Prime’s promotion for the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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Restaurant consulting interior

Turn-aroundsFresh Eyes & Knowledge

Using proven business strategies and innovative solutions, we help you deliver a hospitality experience that promotes profit and growth.

With a background in operations reengineering, strategic planning, and concept validation, our team specializes in turning around struggling businesses in the food industry by evaluating your concept, competition, and location, plus conducting a cost and profitability analysis of the current operations (raw goods, payroll, labor, vendor costs), and implementing new strategies specific to your business in order to make your restaurant.

We assist in bringing your restaurant into alignment with the hottest trends, best-of-breed systems, and best practices for your management and staff.

Nancy Sinai
Nancy Sinai
Eddie and his team were a God send. We hesitated at first because we thought we couldn’t work this fee into our budget. We really got our moneys worth by hiring A2Z Restaurant Consulting. They really helped us get our restaurant open. As first time restaurant owners we needed the guidance to make our restaurant become successful. I highly recommend if you’re opening a restaurant, regardless of your experience, having the level of experience Eddie and his team especially Katt is priceless.
Nikolaus von Solodkoff
Nikolaus von Solodkoff
Eddie Fahmy and his team at A2Z Restaurant Consulting have been an remarkable asset to the development and success of Döner Haus. Their profound knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry shone through in every aspect of our collaboration. From meticulously selecting the ideal location to designing a functional and inviting layout, Eddie's input was invaluable. His expertise extended to the operational side as well, where he guided us in choosing the most fitting equipment and implementing a state-of-the-art POS and online ordering system, which has greatly streamlined our operations and enhanced customer experience. Eddie's hands-on approach in staff training ensured that our team was well-prepared, contributing significantly to a smooth and successful launch. His dedication and commitment to excellence were evident in every step of the process. The partnership with Eddie and A2Z has been a key driver in establishing Döner Haus as a distinctive and popular culinary destination in New York City. Their involvement has not only helped us achieve our current success but has also laid a solid foundation for our future endeavors. We're looking forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and are excited about the prospects it holds for Döner Haus.
Erica Lee
Erica Lee
Do yourself a favor and don’t even start the process of opening a location without calling AtoZ Consulting first. Eddie and his team literally are a dream for any restauranteur. They take the time to sit with you through the conceptualization phase and help with everything from corporate branding, color scheme selection, fonts, corporate identity, and menu creation to identifying the best location for the concept. Eddie is extremely experienced in creating the layout of the store, orchestrating each component of construction and all players involved, making necessary introductions to vendors for equipment purchasing, paper goods, signage, marketing pieces, and food procurement. He was instrumental in helping to bring in the right POS system for our restaurant, setting us up with all third-party delivery services, help to get our website created and interfacing it with an online ordering platform. He and his team are on the ground and in the trenches before your opening to ensure all of the staff is trained and that your soft launch goes smoothly. There is not one other company that I know of that is as knowledgeable, but also rolls up their sleeves execute alongside the business owner to ensure the operation is a success. We cannot say enough amazing things about Eddie and the A to Z staff, but action speaks louder than words, so we are now in the process of building another location with them as we speak! - The Filthy Flats Management Team!
Aretha Franklin-Emanuel
Aretha Franklin-Emanuel
Hiring A2Z Restaurant Consulting is hands down one of the best decisions we could’ve made for our business. The level of expertise and involvement in every possible area of the restaurant business is unmatched. If “ask and you shall receive” was a person, A2Z is it. You simply cannot put a price tag on the comfort of having a dedicated team of professionals guiding you along your business journey. Thank you, A2Z!
Tyler Fox
Tyler Fox
Working with Eddie and A2Z has been nothing but a pleasure. As a licensed Architect on Long Island, I often need the expertise of a good restaurant consultant who knows local codes and can help with space planning. We have a few projects under our belt, and many more in the works!
Al Chaljub
Al Chaljub
Eddie and his team have been a key asset to our operation. Taking our concept to the next level. Profesional, prompt, dedicated Knowledgeable.
Stephanie Bouchard
Stephanie Bouchard
If you are looking for a restaurant consultant LOOK NO FURTHER! Ive had the pleasure of working with Eddie and his team in 2021 while I was in the process of opening my juice cafe. I have many years of experience working in the restaurant industry, but never owning my own business. It can be wildly overwhelming building something from the ground up. I opened my store solo, so there were so many decisions I was making on a daily basis (store layout, equipment, kitchen set up) - you hope you are making the right choices. I never thought to hire a consultant until someone referred him to me. And It was the best decision and investment I’ve made for myself AND my business. Once he stepped in I felt so relieved to have his experience on my side. He validated my direction, while also giving me much needed input, and helping me improve my concept. He truly does it all! Whether you need help from start to finish, already in the process or have an established store - he’s the one!!! You can tell how passionate he is for his clients success. What I value most is our continued relationship. He checks in on me, and I still call him for advise to this day. There is so much more I’d like to say about his character, dedication and his overall kindness - but once you meet him you will see for yourself!
Gunjan Kathuria
Gunjan Kathuria
It was an absolute pleasure working with Eddie and the team. He absolutely knows what he is talking about for he has been in and around the restaurant business for so long and learned from each and every opportunity he has been presented with. Eddie and Jessica had wonderful ideas that has made our restaurant, Way of Life Wholesome Eatery, come to LIFE! They put the LIFE back into Way of LIFE. From the improvement of the recipes, menu, to our beautiful artwork(@arlenemurals), to our new aesthetic, it was all their idea and it really has given us the spark we were looking for. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Thank you guys for everything, couldn’t have done it without you!
michalyn leeyow
michalyn leeyow
Jessica is very knowledgeable in Food and Beverage and openings of Restaurants. She helped my restaurant with staffing, setting up the POS system just to name s few and did it all with a smile. I recommend her hands down if you need assistance with opening a restaurant!
Eddie has a fabulous team, and helped me save time and money from beginning, with construction, to hiring and training staff, and getting us ready to open. They have next level expertise in all phases including tech, which I am seriously deficient in. They have my highest recommendation, and I will surely hire them again on my next restaurant opening.
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Planning and lanching a restaurant can be daunting, and to sustain it more so. We've helped many restaurants just like yours achieve their goals. These are just a few of our more recent projects.

Envision your road to success

If you’re new to the industry, you might wonder how it all gets done. If you’re already a restaurant professional, you sometimes wonder how you do it. Running a successful restaurant takes business savvy, people skills, and countless hours of your time. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

There are a lot of moving parts to run a restaurant. Understanding how much revenue is needed to cover your expenses while still churning a profit, controlling food costs and your staff.

We can assist in creating multiple avenues of revenue within your business so that slow seasons don’t break your bank, are all very intimidating hurdles to overcome.

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Brand Awareness

Branding - Social Media - SEO - Advertising - Directories


The internet is ever-changing, and so are the strategies to leverage the web to your advantage. Our GMB Management Services (below) and other services (to the right) can ignite your efforts.
  • Amplify your Google and online presence
  • Stop 3rd Party Platforms from hijacking your google listing
  • Increase traffic and visibility
  • Enhance engagement
  • Improve your online reputation
  • Boost local rankings
  • Gain a competitive advantage
Social media requires daily attention to be effective. We amplify your message and voice across multiple platforms to develop & expand your following.
Your website is the brand's central hub of information and 3rd party link directory, we design it right and then optimize it to rank in search.
Our team develops the ad copy, establishes the editorial calander, deploys the ads, conducts A/B testing. and produes reports to analyze.
From your grand opening promotion and launch to special holiday promotions and giveaways, our creative team can make it special.

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Get in touch with our team and start your journey, today. The first consultation is free, and the time to get professional guidance is BEFORE you secure a location and finalize on a concept -- until such time that we can do a profit-cost evaluation of that concept to establish whether or not it can be successful in the location you're considering.

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