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Not every restaurant is immediately successful. Some may be crowded regularly but fail to return the profits envisioned; others may bring crowds intermittently yet be breaking even. Our job is to do a top-to-bottom restaurant audit to determine where improvements can be made so that you’re not leaving thousands a dollars on the table each month that could be going to the bottom line.

Our Process is to assess and then add/ delete/ modify that which will directly or indirectly improve bottom line performance. Some of the areas we’ll review include:

  • Locations and leases.
  • Front and back-end protocols.
  • Promotions and special events.
  • Online and offline marketing strategies.
  • Costing for food and liquor, including vendor arrangements/ agreements.
  • Costing analysis of staff, and staff use — timings, routine, hierarchy, etc. 

Restauranteurs & consultants since 1994

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