Types of Marketing Tactics

September 17, 2022by Marketing Team

While there are a few restaurants that have the good fortune to open their doors and get immediate foot traffic, the majority require well-thought-out various types of marketing tactics. This article looks into some of them. Many restaurants often wonder what tactics are the best to pursue. However, long before a restaurant owner decides to implement any of the tactics available. there are some steps they should address first. Clearly, foot traffic and word-of-mouth are critical for a restaurant to be successful, but this too is part of a plan — i.e., word-of-mouth should be tied to social media and reviews. and those reviews need to be integrated and displayed on your website, and in an automated way. Here is a short list of what you should do before you investigate the types of marketing tactics that might serve you best. Moreover, the completion of this list of steps may help reveal the tactics to then use.

How Do I Develop a Marketing Plan?

  • STEP 1 — complete a brand bible
    • establish a consistent set of narratives to be used, from the elevator pitch to a longer detailed narrative
    • establish what your UVP (unique value proposition is
    • establish who your target customer is, what motivates them, and when
    • establish devices they’re most likely to use
    • establish on what social platforms the target customer is most likely to be found, and at what times of the day
    • based on the above, establish a set of hashtags and create branded social media pages and accounts
  • STEP 2 – develop a marketing plan, including content development, and an editorial calendar
  • STEP 3 – develop a sales funnel and customer journey

Types of Marketing Tactics for Restaurants

Marketing Tactics

Once you’ve identified and refined what you want to say and who you want to say it to, you can begin to investigate not only how to deploy it, but also how to manage it. Running a restaurant is a full-time job, and so too is marketing. A restaurant consultant can help you navigate this huge undertaking. You can either hire a marketing agency that are experts in their field to do it for you, or you can elect to do it yourself in-house. Branding and Design: Your brand in your identity, the symbol that invokes recognition. It should be instantly recognizable and memorable. An example would be global brands such as Microsoft, whose logo wasn’t fancy, but you’d recognize it instantly. Apple, Chiliis, Outback, and many others also capture a unique memorable brand. To establish a brand you’ll likely need to contract a branding and design company. Don’t go cheap with a $100 logo design — the logo is the identity that tells the world who you are. The logo will be used in every piece of marketing you utilize, including:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Menus
  • Website – with the functionality for reservations, entry and exit polls, surveys, social media streams, page sharing, and more.
  • Social Media Pages

Directory Listings: A2Z Restaurant Consulting advocates POWERLISTINGS, which syncs your business information (locations, social media links, food menus, and more) into 75 location-based directories, including Yahoo, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and many others. (do a free directory scan for your business) Marketing: At its core level, marketing is simply about telling a story, and then promoting that story across a myriad of platforms, and in many different forms — including articles, press releases, infographics, and images. The overall Marketing strategy utilizes many components to tell your story to the public (and indirectly through the press) to initially propel brand awareness, and then attract, engage, and secure customers and sales.

What are the types of Digital Marketing Promotion?

Our approach is to use an interconnected and comprehensive strategy that includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization – On-site keyword research, optimizing the content, and more to raise your ranking in search engines
  • Social Media Management includes the creation of compelling imagery and text posted to your pages to keep potential and existing
  • Pay-per-click advertising: this can be in the form of display ads, remarketing, and social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube
  • Public Relations:
    • Press Releases are a good tool for making big announcements, like a Grand Opening
    • PR agencies have a database of writers, critics, and evangelists that can promote your brand through stories
    • PR agencies can also slowly build  the brand’s credibility, carve out its niche and attract media outlets to profile your business

 Do-it-Yourself Marketing Tools


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