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A2Z Restaurant Consulting is a full service Restaurant Consulting Firm based in New York City, serving owners of Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Fast Casual, and Fast Food restaurants anywhere in the United States.From branding through setup, launch, and on-going improvements, our goal is your cuccess.

Our mission is to use our expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls of launching/ running a restaurants, bistro, cafe, or pub. We accomplish that through guidance from location scouting to licsening, concept, setup (front of house and kitchen), staff training, vendor negotiations, and promotion.

A2z Restaurant Consulting was founded by successful restaurateurs entrepreneurs, as well as efficiency and marketing experts. Eddie Fahmy has been in the restaurant business since 1994 when he gambled his life savings on a broken down space in Brooklyn that he and his partners turned into the financially successful and beautiful bay-side grill known as Skippers. He brings to the partnership keen insights learned during his tenure, a huge vendor network, and marketing promotions prowess. He has an innate leadership quality to motivate staff, and the bull persistence and ingenuity to crisis-manage under pressure to get anything done.  His strong understanding of social media to liase with our marketing partners. .


A2z Restaurant COnsulting is process-minded. Our intial goal is to understand your vision, and then identify what you need to accomplish it. We work with you each step of the journey, from concept, to set-up, through staffing, launch, and on-going operations.




Eddie Fahmy



Junisa Fondeur

Director of Operations


Leon De La Cruz

Executive Chef



Damon LaFlamme

Food & Beverage


Jessica Btesh

Programs Specialist


Andy Dignoti

Project Mgr - Pizzerias & fast-casual


Mark Fiorentino

Bakery Consultant


Restauranteurs & consultants since 1994