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Blast Spa
  • Customer:Maria Gioino
  • Live demo:https://www.blastspa.com
  • Category:Starup
  • Date:21 November, 2016
  • Tags:Startup


Spa & Fitness Center

The owner set out to create a multi-service spa and fitness center

Project Analysis

The client wanted to offer a wide variety of services, so we first needed to establish what those services would be and how they would be delivered.

Subsequently, this project would require the hiring of specialized personnel, as well as procuring specialty equipment.

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Project Planning

Our phases included:
1. Securing a location
2. Designing the space
3. Procuring the equipment
4. Hiring the staff
4. Developing the website and operation SaaS tools
5. Integrating the SaaS software with the website
6. Integrating website and directories
7. Designing a marketing plan (SEO, social, ads)
8. Preparing a grand opening
9. Assisting in on-going operations


Project Execution

We accomplished the above, and then installed a Himalayan salt infrared sauna, set up a hair salon, and secured rights to use several speciality products, such as Cryoskin, Faccia Blaster, and others. We integrated the Mind & Body software with the website, and the website with over 60 location-based directories.

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Project Results

The spa opened to good reviews on Yelp, Google, and others, and continues to grow its member base.

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