A2z Restaurant Consulting Gets WSJ Coverage for Client

September 15, 2015by a2zadmin

A2z Restaurant Consulting gets Wall Street Journal coverage for client Promenade Bar and Grill.

When launching a new restaurant, what seems like all the hard work — getting ready for the grand opening –, it just one step. Getting locations, licenses, interior designers, furniture, staff, systems, menu design, and kitchen setup, only gets you to an open-door status — where the general public is now invited in.

Needless to say, you’ve already (or are in the process of website development), but what else can you do? According to Incognito Worldwide CEO Bruce T. Dugan

Marketing is nothing more than telling a story and the tools by which to do so

The president at A2z Restaurant Consulting, Eddie Fahmy, noted that “Once we’ve designed and set up a client’s restaurant, now it’s time to promote it. And that is an overlapping of many disciplines, including, SEO, social media promotion, as well as online and offline advertising, and public relations. Here are the many types of marketing tactics to get familiar with.

Promenade Bar and Grill was featured in the Wall Street Journal this past week, picking up on the story because of Promenade’s extensive sushi bar inside a sports bar. A story with a twist is public relations 101. Media outlets are hungry for content, so you have to feed them.

You can read the full article here.



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