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Tips for Using a Restaurant Consultant

Why to hire a restaurant consultant

A2Z Quoted in Newsday

A recent Newsday article quotes Eddie Fahmy, CEO at A2Z Restaurant Consulting. The story revolves around straws. Yes, straws. With the big eco-friendly push in the commercial space, many restaurants have swapped out plastic straws for paper straws. “Plastic straws, by comparison, average “less than a penny” each, and paper straws are two cents each,

Tips for Using a Restaurant Consultant

Tips for using a restaurant consultant span the spectrum, from knowing how and where to secure a location, to setting up systems. Staffing, training, and marketing.  There are so many moving parts when launching a new restaurant. Or trying to streamline an existing. One. If you’re looking to launch a new restaurant concept, you should

Common Restaurant Mistakes

Common restaurant management mistakes can account for a large percentage of why restaurants fail. Eddie Fahmy gained 20+ years of experience as a restaurateur and restaurant consultant and helped us develop this list. 1. Underestimating Costs, and Overspending Most restaurateurs are driven by a passion and vision.  However, one of the biggest mistakes they make

Restaurant Tips During COVID19

Restaurant tips during COVID19 include limiting delivery. Yes, you read that correctly. The COVID19 pandemic has affected everyone, especially restaurant owners. Here are things that can help keep you afloat until the storm passes. The idea that the pandemic is over, is wishful thinking, or willful blindness. We’ve always maintained when it hit NYC in

Developing a Website

The website for your business is vital, as it serves as not only a hub of info to push information out to social media, but also to pull info in and repopulate it in a single place. It is your online identity and as such an important part of your overall marketing strategy. The process

When To Begin Marketing

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A2z Project Wins Best Launch

A2z project wins the best launch at the 2019 People’s Voice Webby Awards — under the Advertising/ Media category — for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Deli Pop Up. With over 4 billion internet users and 1.8 billion websites, the 23rd Annual Webby Awards selected 529 winners.

Carnegie Deli Pop Up Promo Thrills

The Carnegie Deli Pop Up promo thrills all that came out for the week-long promotion for the Amazon Prime TV hit, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This promotion flashback to 1958 — including the prices! — opened with a huge success.

A2z Restaurant Consulting teams up with Amazon

A2z Restaurant Consulting teams up with Amazon to run the restaurant side of an event for a promotion in New York City.