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[testimonial]I am writing to offer my wholehearted recommendation of A2Z restaurant consulting, which is led brilliantly by Eddie Fahmy.

My business partner and I were floundering, wanna be entrepreneurs, who had found trying to start and run a business in NYC virtually impossible. We shed more than a few tears in the aftermath of our prior consultant and the city’s crushingly onerous bureaucracy. We were down to emergency funds, and we were ready to give up.

Then we met Eddie Fahmy of A2Z.

Mr. Fahmy didn’t promise miracles. He honestly evaluated our basic concept, location and our goal to have a mom and pop shop that would serve the community. Based on his extensive hardscrabble experiences in the restaurant world going back to his teens, Eddie felt we might be able to succeed if we listened to his advice. He never pressured us to sign up with his company and was always easy going and friendly and available.

Eddie turned out to be prescient, decisive, action oriented, flexible, and always disciplined about what is realistic in a business model trying to be profitable in the NYC metropolitan area. Eddie took control of our entire revamping and we are now doing 5x the business we made just a few months ago. Eddie is the closest you can get to “The Profit” and “Bar Rescue” all rolled up in one guy!

We have dealt with consultants all over the country in many areas of expertise. Eddie is clearly is one of those few professional who actually delivers on what he says he will.

When a problem arises, he quickly generates options that are cost effective and keeps everyone on track and accountable to make it right.

Eddie understands that beginning entrepreneurs face terrible trials and tribulations in today’s hospitality world – especially in the NYC metropolitan area. He is a strong personality, with a strong work ethic, and a strong sense of holding himself accountable for the business’s success. The vendors and systems he brought us all seemed to be cost conscious and professional.

We believe that Eddie saved our business, pure and simple, giving us a chance to keep our doors open and provide a service to the community. We are very honest people who take pride in our professional integrity, and we simply wouldn’t endorse A2Z if we didn’t feel strongly about what it did for us.

NYC is not a place for beginners to experiment in the restaurant business. Small business aspirants trying to sort through the thicket of franchising and restaurant consulting can be easily confused or fooled. However, if you are well capitalized, and are completely committed to the restaurant business, and are willing to accept the huge risks involved, we strongly recommend A2Z consulting as the ONLY place to go if you want to start, revamp, or expand your food service business in NYC.[/Gabriel Feldman/Big Bang Burger][/testimonial]

[testimonial]Eddie did an amazing job of helping me get my restaurant open. It’s just very fitting that he named the agency A to Z because Eddie did everything from A to Z![client_name]Adrian King, Kings Kitchen[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]Eddie did an amazing job of helping me get my restaurant open. It’s just very fitting that he named the agency A to Z because Eddie did everything from A to Z![client_name]Adrian King, Kings Kitchen[/client_name][/testimonial]

A2Z Restaurant Consulting is a full-service Restaurant Consulting Firm based in New York City, by New Yorker’s serving establishments that offer Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Fast Casual, and Fast Food anywhere in the United States. Founded by successful restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and efficiency and marketing experts, the Company collectively provides end-to-end services that include Start-Ups, Restaurant Turnaround, and Profit Improvement.  The fact that Eddie is a New Yorker makes all the difference in the world.  Understanding the New York market is imperative to building and running a successful restaurant in New York.


To inject knowledge, expertise, resources, and the dedicated efforts to assist our clients realize their goals.


The devil is always in the details, every restaurant is uniquely different, but all require sound concept, planning, development, efficient implementation and marketing to be successful.

Who We Are

A2Z Restaurant Consulting understand starting up and turning around restaurants.

Eddie Fahmy – CEO

Oversees location scouting, lease and vendor negotiations, bar and kitchen staffing and training. He has been in the restaurant business for 20 years, and currently built out and runs The Shake & Burger Bar on 3rd Ave. in New York City. He has been in the restaurant business since 1994 when he gambled his life savings on a broken down space in Brooklyn that he and his partners turned into the financially successful and beautiful bay-side grill known as Skippers. He brings to the partnership keen insights learned during his tenure, a huge vendor network, and marketing promotions prowess. He has an innate leadership quality to motivate staff, and the bull persistence and ingenuity to crisis manage under pressure to get anything done. Full bio >>

What We Do

A2z Restaurant Consulting provides a wide variety of services, from the development of your concept, building out the space for optimum capacity, negotiating and securing the best vendor deals, restaurant staffing and protocols, designing and writing the menu, and executing the menu inventory and liquor controls. We’ll even train your staff and teach them the art of upselling.We can reorganize your staff control, your inventory controls, save you money on food and liquor costs, help you with customer retention programs, customer reward programs’ and selecting the right point-of-sale system (POS) to make sure your restaurant operates efficiently and successfully.

 Contact a rep today to see how we can help you turn your vision into practical reality!

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