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Joe Grasso

This team really carried me all the way. They set up my entire operation from beginning to end and connected me with vendors and contractors along the way but the best part was hitting way past our goal every single weekend since opening week. I planned to be seasonal but the success of the beer

Oleh Balaban

As a first time restaurateur, I cannot recommend A2Z enough, it was very hard to justify hiring a consultant on top of all the other costs associated with starting a restaurant, and very quickly it was substantiated and was the best money spent, the value and expertise and genuine care Eddie provided probably can’t be

Stefano Giangrande

Eddie did an amazing job helping out our restaurant get into the 21sr century. Came in with his team and set up a state-of-the-art POS system as well as retrain the entire staff, he integrated all of o. Online ordering. I can’t tell you how much more efficient our restaurant runs now. If you are

Rob Bromberg

I have learned more on this project than any other in the past 20 years combined. The knowledge Eddie and his staff brought to the table were instrumental in getting us to where we are now. Which frankly our sales have more than tripled since week one and continue to grow. His marketing strategies and

Sonia Boudjerid

Eddie is an amazing restaurant consultant. He really cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure we are doing things right

Vinny Maiolica – Bethpage Burger Bar

A2Z restaurant consulting did a phenomenal job with The Bethpage Burger Bar. He and his team worked around the clock to help us get open. Made sure we adhered to all the new COVID guidelines and set us up to be successful during these crazy times. Could not have done it without them.   Other

Jane Potter

Eddie is knowledgeable, creative and personable. We were floundering: he came up with a new theme, new menu, and in our first week open did 5 xs our best previous week. Fabulous!   Other Relevant Information Client Images, Press Release, A2Z Restaurant Consultant Gallery Courtside Grill, Restaurant Staff Training Consultant, A2Z Restaurant Consulting Projects Gets Great Wall Street Journal

Mike Lombardi

To say Eddie exceeded expectations is an understatement. He is a charming bull that gets things done! And as a first-time restaurant owner, his advise on pitfalls to avoid are still accurate 2 months after launch.       Other Relevant Information Restaurant Procurement Service, A2Z Food Business Consultancy FAQs, Restaurant Restructuring Turnaround Specilaist, Restaurant Business Planning Consultant, Restaurant

Albert Papo

Eddie is a dynamic and caring person. He gets it done and won’t stop till he does.   Other Relevant Information FAQ, Eddie Fahmy Quoted On Inside Edition, A2Z Consultancy Promotions, Restaurant Procurement Adviser, Restuarant Marketing Agency, A2Z Restaurant Consulting Projects Gets Great Wall Street Journal Press, Client Urban Tacos Set For Grand Opening In Nj, A2Z Restaurant Consulting Projects Gets Great