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Eddie Fahmy of A2z Restaurant Consulting

Eddie Fahmy is a seasoned restaurant executive with the force of will to get things done: regardless of how inconceivable or how large the obstacles before him. He has the innate leadership skills to employ and motivate staff, the creative vision to develop marketing promotions, and the knowledge, experience and resource network to negotiate contractors, food and beverage, and leases.  

Mr. Fahmy knows first hand that to be a successful restaurateur requires vision, passion, courage, discipline and management skills … and, endless energy.  In his youth, he waited tables for years, and then in 1994 he took a risk: he bet everything he owned on a broken-down place in Marine Park, Brooklyn. He emptied his account and with his partners turned that into the beautiful bay-side grill known as Skippers, which was successful for years until sold for a profit.

In taking nothing and turning it into something great, Eddie was hooked and committed himself to learn everything about the business; from dealing with kitchen and front of house staff to vendors, leases and marketing.

By 2012 he co-conceived and built out a 7,000 sq. foot sports bar on Long Island then partnered up to take the concept to Manhattan’s east side where it has received ongoing good press since its launch in 2013. It’s now branded as Promenade Bar and Grill. Managing customer relations and marketing, he says he loves going to work every day and interacting with staff, customers, and vendors.  

As a consultant, Eddie has helped others. He helped a friend successfully design, set up and launch a Caribbean restaurant called Kings Kitchen in Brooklyn, contributing his expertise to the venue design, logo, and building out the vendor relationships. 


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