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Bruce T. Dugan

As a part of the A2Z team, Bruce is a creative entrepreneur with abstract vision and linear process precision.  Bruce has a deep depth of knowledge of, and experience in, strategic planning, technology,  systems integration, and marketing. He provides A2Z clients with guidance for website development, digital marketing, branding, and automated systems. Bruce has an

Mark Fiorentino

Mr. Fiorentino launched his career right out of culinary school as Chef Boulanger at Chef Daniel Boulud’s eponymous flagship restaurant, where he remained for 15 years. As a consultant he creates recipes, trains staff, and analyzes systems, serving through the years such client bakeries and kitchens throughout the New York City and New England, that

Leon De La Cruz

Leon De La Cruz earned his culinary degree at Escuela de cocina Gourmet Pucheu in the Dominican Republic, before settling in Queens, New York. He loves working in the kitchen, cooking, testing recipes, and creating new ones. His inspiration comes from all walks of life, he says: “ for motivation, I looked to friends, family,

Andy Dignoti

Mr. Dignoti brings more than 30 years of experience to A2Z Restaurant Consulting having spent his career served in the fast-paced world of pizza restaurants. This provides him with a unique operational perspective; from scheduling prep to training line cooks to delegating tasks across a staff. He is personable, communicative, charismatic and open-minded, and to