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Giacomo Dignoti

Raised in a family of restaurateurs, Mr. Dignoti learned the business through four successful Italian restaurants in Long Island and NYC. Through his involvement, Dignoti worked with every department of the business, ultimately bridging his takeover of the family business. Dignoti worked every job along the way, from dishwashing and cooking to serving and managing,

Jessica Btesh

Jess holds 17 years of experience in restaurants, food service, leadership, and sales. With a focus on catering and management, she has successfully designed, implemented, and executed extremely successful programs to elevate businesses. Jess has structured a system to enhance marketing, developing, engaging, and ultimately, sustaining her clients’ most important assets. Jess believes that every

Eddie Fahmy

Eddie Fahmy is a seasoned restaurant executive with the force of will to get things done: regardless of how inconceivable or how large the obstacles before him. He has the innate leadership skills to employ and motivate staff, the creative vision to develop marketing promotions, and the knowledge, experience and resource network to negotiate contractors,