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Leon De La Cruz

Leon De La Cruz earned his culinary degree at Escuela de cocina Gourmet Pucheu in the Dominican Republic, before settling in Queens, New York. He loves working in the kitchen, cooking, testing recipes, and creating new ones. His inspiration comes from all walks of life, he says: “ for motivation, I looked to friends, family,

Junisa Fondeur

Junisa has 10+ years as a hospitality professional, with a B.A in Hospitality Management. She has served many worldwide resorts chains obtaining the all-inclusive experience.  She has a proven ability to lead restaurateurs in achieving successful results, including start-ups, operations, profit improvements, turnaround, branding, marketing, concept, and menu developing. Before joining A2z Restaurant Consulting, Mrs.

Eddie Fahmy

Eddie Fahmy is a seasoned restaurant executive with the force of will to get things done: regardless of how inconceivable or how large the obstacles before him. He has the innate leadership skills to employ and motivate staff, the creative vision to develop marketing promotions, and the knowledge, experience and resource network to negotiate contractors,