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Launching any new business is daunting; physically, financially and emotionally. We’ve been there, done that. A2Z Restaurant Consulting can quickly and time and cost-efficiently layout the ground work for you; as project managers we will assist in developing the goals, the strategy and tactics to achieve them, an in some cases doing the hands-on implementation. Running several of our own successful restaurants we’ve done the trial and error to know what works and what doesn’t; we know where the common pot holes are and guide you around them.

Every restaurant project is different. They have different concepts, geographical areas, target audiences, cuisines, and ambiance. Thus we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach; each project is designed, thought-out, planned and implemented on a case by case basis.

Our Process:

Consultation and Qualification: we begin by fully understanding your vision, your ambitions for the restaurant, and your end goals. Some restaurateurs want a small neighborhood space, others envision a large venue. Some want something they can pass down through the generations; others want a concept they can sell and/or franchise. Thus your vision and goals are paramount that will drive the marketing plan.   We will also put together a good business plan with projections, logo & menu.  The following outlines the broad aspects we shall handle on your behalf, or assist with:

The Space:

  • Location comparisons, location selection and lease negotiations.
  • Contractor selections and negotiations; cost-effect and high-quality output for the space.
  • File for and expedite all permits required.
  • Design layout to maximum seating usages.
  • Audio and video (as required) installation.
  • Point of Sales (POS) selection and installation. POS can make or break you.


  • Professionals: architects, accounts experienced with restaurants, payroll services.
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Bar equipment
  • Installing beer draft lines
  • Vendor setup and emergency repair on call services.
  • Prepare, file and adjust to secure “A” rating from Department of Health
  • After launch — on call 24 hour repair; lights, wiring, ice machines etc.

The Staff:

  • Protocols, procedures and rule development used for the employee handbook.
  • Staffing of management, kitchen crew and services crew.
  • Scheduling
  • Training of staff to implement best practice and adhere to rules and be aligned with company goals.

Quality Assurance:

  • Inventory control design and setup.
  • Operating methods of controls and bookkeeping, setup of payroll and health department services.
  • Setting up inventory controls and pricing to make sure u are competitive and profitable.
  • Bar staffing as well as developing liquor and beer program that will achieve best returns.
  • Create a menu to best fit your restaurant’s theme and goals.
  • Liquor License filing and acquisition (we have one of the best liquor attorneys in NYC).
  • Seating and kitchen furniture and layout to achieve the best flow for your venue.


  • Design: logo, menu, venue signs, cards and other materials.
  • Website design and development (includes website hosting).
  • Social media design and setup.
  • Online marketing: Directories: getting venue listed in leading 50 local-based online directories.
  • Website and Social Media page visibility program. 
  • Marketing plan development and management.
  • Public relations: gaining venue exposure through magazine, blog, and other articles and reviews.
  • Grand Opening event planning and management.

We can provide a Full Service Start-Up Package, or you may select individual services. Many of our clients prefer a Turn-Key Solution, while others wish to be more involved in the process.

Our mission is to make your vision a practical reality.

Restauranteurs & consultants since 1994