Restaurant Consultant shakes up the Superbowl

August 19, 2014by Brie Austin

You might be asking how a restaurant consultant shakes up the Superbowl. As in many things in life, the answer is alcohol!

A2Z Restaurant Consulting came up with an idea for one of their sports bar clients. The bar and grill already had a football “tailgate” menu concept, where they specialized in foods from different regions of the country. 

Football is a major spectator sport, and with their large-screen TVs, it seemed natural to come up with a promo idea around the playoffs. So as the super bowl was nearing Eddie came up with the idea of alcohol-infused cupcakes individually inspired by each of the final four cities — Seattle, Denver, New England, and San Francisco.

Restaurant Consultant shakes up the Superbowl

Eddie used his press and media contacts to get a segment to display the goodies on Fox & Friends. Eddie 

The Daily Meal noted in their Weekly Roundup for New York City:

For those watching the Super Bowl, Bottomzup Bar & Grill offers a game day menu with food and drinks representing the teams. Super Bowl-inspired foods include Seattle staples like salmon rosemary burgers and pork belly pancakes … 

View the Daily Meal here 


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Brie Austin

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