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While there are a few restaurants that have the good fortune to open their doors  and get immediate foot traffic, the majority require well thought out marketing plans, informative websites, mobile apps and social media pages, online and off line visibility through marketing, promotion and word-of-mouth.

Through a comprehensive strategy that connects all the above with the physical venue motif and cuisine, we design and develop an interconnected strategy to attract, engage and secure customers for your venue.

Branding and Design: Your brand in your identity, the symbol that invokes recognition. It should be instantly recognisable and memorable. We’ll work with you to develop an identity that best represents your restaurant.

  • Logos
  • Menus
  • Website – with the functionality for reservations, entry and exit polls, surveys, social media streams, page sharing and more.
  • Social Media Pages

Directory Listings: Our directory listings program inserts you into the leading 50+ local-based directories. These include YELP, Facebook, Local.com, Super Pages and more. More than that, we sync your content across our network, so that your information, menus, hours, maps, and social media pages are consistent. And if you should want to make a change, like add a seasonal menu, our dashboard provides the central database for those changes so that they instantly sync across the network.

Marketing: Marketing is the overall activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging information and offerings of value to customers. The overall Marketing strategy utilizes many components to tell your story to the public (and indirectly through the press) to initially propel brand awareness, and then attract, engage and secure customers and sales.

Our approach is to use an interconnected and comprehensive strategy that includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization – On site: keyword research, optimizing the content, titles, tags, and images of your website, which includes blogs, press pages, services, menus, and promotions.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Off site: Content  includes press releases, interviews, surveys, polls, and giveaways, plus directories, 3rd party guest blogging, forums, slideshows and videos.  
  • Social Media Management includes the creation of compelling imagery and text posted to your pages to keep them relative and fresh, as well as syndicating all the content from your website and 3rd party platforms.
  • Pay per click advertising: can be in the form of display ads, remarketing, and social media campaigns. 
  • Public Relations: begins with building database of writers,critics, and evangelists of your brand — people that want to spread the word about your restaurant because “they believe” in it’s value. We build your press kit. engage critics and bloggers, and write press releases to propel your story: the cuisine, the venue, the ownership and their collective success stories. 

The combined efforts summarized above will push your site pages to the top of search engine queries so that potential customers can find you.

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