Marketing Idea for Restaurant Plans

October 21, 2019by a2zadmin

The marketing Idea for restaurant owners is to begin sooner than later.  Marketing can take a considerable amount of time to first lay the foundations, and then actually get traction.

When to Begin Marketing a Restaurant?

Restaurant owners should begin early in the process before the website is even complete, and months before the actual grand opening. You want people to be aware, eager even, anxiously awaiting your soft and grand openings.

Marketing Idea for Restaurant Plans 

There are several Marketing stages, but before you can implement a plan, you need to have a plan.  And before you can have a plan you need to know what you want to convey. 

How to Set Up a Marketing Plan 

  1. Establish a brand bible, including the tagline, elevator pitch, UVP, history, and hashtags (contact us for further info).
  2. Set up all social media pages (and research the best times of day for your demographic, and the topics for each platform).
  3. Plan a topical editorial calendar for the website blog to share on social, and for social-unique content as well.
  4. Assign a media manager (this requires several hours a day) or hire an expert.
  5. Set up a newswire press release account.
  6. Write the first month’s content for press releases, articles, social media memes and ad copy, and any graphic design. 

What Are The Types Of Marketing Tactics? 

There are various ways to tell your company story, including the most notable, but not limited to:

  1. Social Media — remember that the adage build it and they will come is a recipe for failure. Social media requires knowledge, time, and consistency to have any value. Read more.
  2. SEO (search engine optimization) is solely the practice and getting a keyword (s) or phrase to be ranked on search engines.
  3. SEM and SMM (search engine marketing, social media marketing) refer mostly to advertising management. 
  4. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, can be in search engines, social media, 3rd party websites, and video channels.
  5. Location-based directories (we recommend Powerlistings). 
  6. Public Relations is the art of getting stories and profiles about your business into the press. 
  7. Mailers. 

Things to Know About SEO

Remember that SEO is a longer-term endeavor, as once the research is done, it still takes considerable time to complete the optimization of your social media pages and website, and then considerably more time for the search robots to crawl those pages and index them. Moreover, because you do the basics does not insure you will get ranked, and you may need to series of other things to accomplish that. The shortlist, but by no means the full list, includes:

  1. Technical SEO to elevate the website’s health in a way that is SEO-friendly.
  2. Upgrading hosting so that the speed is within the suggested parameters. 
  3. Developing and posting ongoing content to establish an authoritative voice and raise your Google (and others) authority rating.
  4. Generate traffic to the website. 
  5. Generate outgoing links to 3rd party pages
  6. Generate inbound backlinks with your website

What Marketing Tactics Are Best For the Money?

This is a loaded question with no simple answer. Online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising will certainly get you the fastest exposure. But keep in mind that PPC is like renting, once you stop paying the rent you lose the space  SEO takes longer to gain traction, and in the early days (90-120) is not cheap, however, SEO is longer-lasting, so you could maintain a high position in search long after you’ve completed paying someone to achieve that ranking, Therefore, over time the ROI continues to improve 

Public relations is a more costly endeavor. So you have to ask yourself the following:
A)  how good a story is there to tell, about the company, the concept, or the staff? For example, when Dylan Lemay (one of our clients – view here) launched his Catch N’ Ice Cream shop in Manhattan, he was already a leading content creator on Tic Tok, so the media was eager to tell the story of his new Ice Cream Shop concept — view some of them here)

B) `what is your budget, and how long can you sustain it? Public relations is timely and usually requires a game of building blocks — unless, like above, there is a sensationalist story to tell. When it’s not, then it usually requires getting 3rd and 4th tier media to pick up your story, then you compile those and pitch a new concept to the next tier, and so on. The truly amazing stories, are those that make it to the front cover, If you’re in a generally common industry and just another competitor among many, PR may not be for you. 



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