Habadashier Standard Compares Sushi Dojo NYC

August 19, 2014by Brie Austin0

Habadashier Standard did a review of one of the restaurants we’re associated with, called Sushi Dojo.

They also won the people’s choice award in 2021 and have long been a city favorite. On a unique occasion, we discovered the best sushi restaurant in Manhattan (compared to others we’ve tried so far) – Sushi Dojo” At Sushi Dojo, they take pride in fresh ingredients and artistic sushi-making skills, all for a well-priced menu. One thing to note is the fresh wasabi made in front of you, that’s an important key to an authentic and fresh Japanese sushi bar. 

Outdoor night at Sushi Dojo NY

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Brie Austin

Brie is the author of I'd Do It Again, has been a magazine nightlife and travel columnist, and is also a copywriter.

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