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promenade sushi bar
  • Customer:Promenade Bar & Grill
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  • Category:Startup
  • Date:21 August, 2015
  • Tags:Restaurant


Competing in Murray Hill

Witha location secured in the bar-heavy area of Murray Hill, the owners not only needed up to come up with a strong theme but handle, well, everything -- architecture design, kitchen setup, vendor contracts, staffing, and training, POS, menu design, branding, promotion, and streamlining operations.

Project Analysis

A sports bar was nothing new, so the chore was coming up with something different. We did that by making it the first all kosher sports bar.

With the pre-kosher crowd lackluster, we were betting on this twist to give it a boost.

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Project Planning

Once all the contracts were set, securing many freebies, we set up and trained the staff, set up operations protocols, and began laying out the promotions campaign.


Project Execution

Initial conversion to a kosher menu got traction and the place was consistently full. We began running trivia nights, which a big hit -- it was fun and engaging.

Project Results

We secured good press with Zagat, Time Out, Village Voice, Gotham, and many others. The place was packed but the owners made a critical error in wanting immediate financial gain and raising all the prices against our objections. They lost the crowd and even after dropping the prices back down never regained the momentum.

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Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance.


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