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  • Customer:Courtside Grill
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  • Category:Launch
  • Date:21 August, 2015
  • Tags:Startup



The owner wanted to launch a sports bar on Long Island.

Project Analysis

The neighborhood had a lot of residential population, so we determined it should be more family-friendly.

We secured licensing, but with the owner having virtually no restaurant experience, it was on us to do almost everything to get them set up and ready for launch. We chose orange as a theme color to subliminally stir the strong affection for the New York Mets baseball team.

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Project Planning

The menu was designed to be kid-friendly, with the concept that it would be a perfect spot for recreation sports teams to come after games, championships, etc.


Project Execution

During the menu design, we opted for a kosher menu to cater to the high concentration of Jewish residents in the area. We then designed the branding, the website, the social media pages, and created a marketing plan, then set up the grand opening.

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Project Results

Results were initially good, attracting families to dine and watch sports, with local recreation teams frequenting the place as a matter of routine.

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