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Promo NYC
  • Customer:Amazon Prime
  • Live demo:
  • Category:Promotion
  • Date:May, 2019
  • Tags:NYC Promotions

Project Goals

Brand Awareness

Following up on the Carnegie Deli restaurant popup promotion we were engaged in to promote The Marvelous Mrs. Miesel (on Amazon Prime) during December 2018, they engaged us again for a street promo using food trucks.

Project Analysis

The main goal was creating brand awareness, which was getting as many eyeballs on the show's logo, name, and imagery.

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Project Planning

With the determination to use food trucks, we researched locations where we could attract traffic, and what items to have on available to the public. The plan was to roll out in eight locations using the Carnegie Deli menu, associating the legendary deli with the time period that the show is set in.


Project Execution

A2z secured the food truck, as well as back up vehicles for refrigeration support, set up the inventory, hired and managed food truck staff, provided all the all prep work, and managed the entire operation throughout the event. Including line control.

Project Results

The event was a huge success! Despite the rains, the trucks attracted crowds daily through the 3-day event. In the end, we served 4,000 sandwiches in 8 different locations.

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