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Big Bang Burger NYC kosher
  • Customer:Big Bang Burger
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  • Category:Turnaround
  • Date:May 2017
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Project Goals

Local Sandwich shop

The challenge was to take a small sandwich shop that had tepid traction and rebrand it and increase sales

Project Analysis

Our initial goal was to identify why the restaurant was failing, and come up with a strategy to turn it around.

To accomplish this we had to look at the brand, the methodology, the mission, and execution.

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Project Planning

First, we wanted to understand the mission. The owners were fans of science fiction, comics, and science, initially launching BAZNGA -- a reference to the catchphrase used by the character from Big Bang Theory.


Project Execution

We rebranded the venue as BIG BANG BURGER retaining the initial concept they drew from to incorporate the Big Bang Theory identification. Next, we re-evaluated their menu and looked at what might be missing in the neighborhood. We settled on focusing on Kosher bugers, hot dogs, and unique dessert options. With the brand redesign, we built them a website, setup and branded social media pages, re-launched the venue with a press release and grand opening, followed with small marketing budget (SEO and social media promotion) campaign.

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Project Results

The initial results were steller and in the first week generated 5x's more sales than their previous best week.

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