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Bethpage burger bar

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  • Customer:Bethpage Burger Bar
  • Live demo:https://bethpageburgerbar.com
  • Category:New Restaurant
  • Date:07/09/20
  • Tags:Start up

The Goals

360 set up

To set up a new restaurant, branding, design the kitchen and menu, staffing & training, launch and promotion.

Project Analysis

Our first objective was to decide on a menu concept; develop a branding approach and development a plan based on that.

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Project Planning

We had to develop a timeline of the overall project, including the aforementioned, plus how to acquire staff, plan training, set up promotions for pre and post launch.


Project Execution

We completed all branding design, developed menu concept., setup POS, hired & trained staff, developed promotion campaign


The restaurant opened and has sustained despite COVID-19, through a combination of restricted dine-in, delivery, take-out, using PR and marketing campaigns

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