Education is where it all begins

August 19, 2014by Brie Austin

Education is where it all begins if you want to launch a successful restaurant. In our blog, we post ongoing articles that provide insights into best practices in the restaurant business. This may include the checklists for setting up a new venue, better ways to extract profits from ongoing enterprises, new tools, and procedures available in the marketplace, building a cohesive brand, or marketing strategies.

Our best client is an educated client

questions about your restaurant projectThere is no single way to do anything. The trick is to know when to use proven methods vs. when to break out from the traditional procedure to implement a new idea.

It’s exciting to set out on the path of creating a new venue, a place that was born out of your imagination to become reality. At the same time, he who rushes in chasing the light at the end of the tunnel often finds out that it is an oncoming train. So like any business venture, it is wise to do your homework first.

Talk to those that have come before you. those who have encountered many of the pitfalls you will face.  Every pitfall you can navigate around is that much more time, energy, and money available for the next part of the journey.

Whether it is just a one-hour consulting, or a full-cycle project management engagement, we’re here to help.

Some tips for  startups or ongoing restaurants

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Brie Austin

Brie is the author of I'd Do It Again, has been a magazine nightlife and travel columnist, and is also a copywriter.