A2Z Restaurant Consulting was founded by successful a restaurateur, entrepreneur, and efficiency as well as a  marketing expert who will provide end-to-end services that include Start-Ups, Restaurant Turnaround, and Profit Improvement. It is a full service Restaurant Consulting Firm based in New York City, by New Yorker’s serving establishments that offer Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Fast Casual, and Fast Food anywhere in the United States.


A2Z Restaurant Consulting understands starting up and turning around restaurants.

Eddie Fahmy has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and currently built out and runs The Shake & Burger Bar on 3rd Ave. in New York City. He has been in the restaurant business since 1994 when he gambled his life savings on a broken down space in Brooklyn that he and his partners turned into the financially successful and beautiful bay-side grill known as Skippers. He brings to the partnership keen insights learned during his tenure, a huge vendor network, and marketing promotions prowess. He has an innate leadership quality to motivate staff, and the bull persistence and ingenuity to crisis manage under pressure to get anything done.  He has a tremendous understanding of how social media works as well as the contacts with some of the top influencers in New York.


We have a full team of restaurant professionals including; Executive Chef Leon De La Cruz who is a true kitchen general.  He is a chef who understands food cost & menu engineering.  Chef Leon understands to make sure a restaurant is successful; it needs to start in the kitchen.  Our beverage director Damon Laflamme has extensive knowledge in restaurant industry; he has successfully managed bars and restaurants all over the north east.  He is an expert at implementing successful inventory controls for food and beverage which is another major component in running a successful bar or restaurant


A2z Restaurant Consulting provides a wide variety of services, from the development of your concept, building out the space for optimum capacity, negotiating and securing the best vendor deals, restaurant staffing and protocols, designing and writing the menu, and executing the menu inventory and liquor controls. We’ll even train your staff and teach them the art of upselling. We can reorganize your staff control, your inventory controls, save you money on food and liquor costs, help you with customer retention programs, customer reward programs’ and selecting the right point-of-sale system (POS) to make sure your restaurant operates efficiently and successfully.