Restaurant Consultant Quoted in Newsday

October 25, 2021by Marketing Team

A restaurant consultant quoted in Newsday discusses straws.   

The story revolves around straws. Yes, straws. With the big eco-friendly push in the commercial space, many restaurants have swapped out plastic straws for paper straws.

A2z Restaurant Consulting mentioned in Newsday.

A restaurant consultant noted that “Plastic straws, by comparison, average

“less than a penny” each, and paper straws are two cents each, according to calculations by Eddie Fahmy, President of A2Z Restaurant Consulting of New York City. 

“Always, in any business, every penny counts,” Fahmy said. “But certain things are worth the price – and if you’re selling 10,000 drinks and multiply that by a penny, it’s not a substantial difference in operating costs.”

Restaurant Consultant Says Paper Beats Plastic 

Greenprint became the Northeast distributor for a new kind of straw — it’s not plastic, nor does it get soggy as a paper one does.

Manufactured in Monterey, Mexico, the biodegradable pieces resemble plastic in texture but are made from the agave plant that Jose Cuervo, the world’s largest tequila company, uses in its production of tequila, Greenberg said. After Jose Cuervo boils the agave and removes its juice to make tequila, the byproduct is a residual fibrous material called “bagasse,” which Greenprint then fabricates into its straws and cutlery. The agave product line is USDA-certified and FDA-approved, according to RTUS’ website.

Moreover, Greenprint is now offering — in additional to straws — plates, bowls, utensils, and containers.

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