Having previously operated 9 legal locations, the two owners had a filthy new concept and contracted A2Z Restaurant Consulting to help them bring it all together.

FF iconThe idea was to take a long-established and beloved dish (the open-face sandwich) and fuse it with bagel flats. The sandwich shop launched last month and has great customer feedback to date, as well as Brooklyn Paper, declaring it “the best thing since sliced bread.”

As it turns out, while we knew that breakfast was a meal introduced into society long ago,  the open-face sandwich can track its origins back centuries. There are claims that it was first introduced in Scandinavia, while ago competing theories that it was first created in Rome. Either way, many countries around the globe have adopted (or contributed to) including Britain, France, and elsewhere.

Filthy Flats Cubano sandwich
The Cubano Flat from Filthy Flats

During the planning stage, we knew that firstly the business needed a brand identity, but moreover a cohesive brand identity. One of the partners in A2Zbusiness.consulting always noted that a logo doesn’t have to be pretty, nor do you even need to like it, it simply needs to be instantly recognizable and memorable.

So first the Filthy Flat owners had to figure out what the identity of the business would be, the personality the business wanted to present. Next, develop a logo and icon that present that, and then inject that identity (personality) into everything — from the menu to the furniture to the staff’s attitude – as more extensively explained in our Planning series entitled “Restaurant Planning Trends: How to Build a Cohesive Brand.”

So, the next time you wonder “Where is the best breakfast sandwiches near me” the answer is Filthy Flats 32 Court Street Brooklyn, NY. And for all those suits working downtown, the lunch sandwiches are just as mouth-watering, with a variety ranging from simply turkey and cheese to smashed avocado to Korean BBW.