A Case Study Beyond Restaurant Consulting

January 26, 2018by Marketing Team

A case study beyond restaurant consulting looks at a job A2z Restaurant Consulting did for a beauty day spa in Albertson, NY.

The concept for Pure Laser Skincare was to create a day spa treatment center.  The owner, Maria Gioino had suffered from severe arthritis in her knees until she discovered a treatment called FasciaBlaster.

Lobby at Pure Laser Skincare day

So the job A2Z took on was to source the location, assist with interior design to create a welcoming environment, and help determine the services to be offered. 

Now she offers that treatment along with many others — as her services grow;  massages, facials, Body treatments, and Spray Tanning. and Infrared and Himalayan Salt Sauna treatments, plus Laser Hair removal.

A2z Restaurant Consultants served as the project and creative manager, and along with their collaborative partners, they designed everything from the logo to the venue workout rooms to developing the website, promoting the grand opening, and through our social media management services maintaining efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and others. A2Z marketing manager Bruce also facilitated the development of all the site content, including all their educational articles.


A Case Study Beyond Restaurant Consulting


cupping treatment at Pure Laser Skincare
Cupping Treatment
Pue Lsaer Skincare Suanas Infrared and Himalyan Salt



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