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The website for your business is vital, as it serves as not only a hub of info to push information out to social media, but also to pull info in and repopulate it in a single place. It is your online identity and as such an important part of your overall marketing strategy.

The process should begin almost the minute you’ve secured your venue space, so you can update it hand in hand as the project develops.

Website development has gone through many changes over the decades, with extended tools being added weekly. In addition to simply displaying the brand identity, the food and drink menus, and images of the venue, it can also be a working tool to capture potential customers, keep them informed, and convert them to actual customers.

Tools might include synching your food and drink menu (along with other venue info) with location-based directories) so that you can update all your info in one place but display it in dozens of others. Othe tools that can integrate between your website and other platforms, for example, might include reservations, such as  OpenTable, or delivery, such as GrubHub, Seamless, and others.. 

The website begins with logo design, and most website development firms can do that in-house as well. So don’t procrastinate about engaging in website development after the restaurant is ready. We urge you to get started right away, as it is — as we mentioned — your information hub and will be necessary for marketing efforts that should begin at least three months before your grand opening.  

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