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When BaZNGA became Big Bang Burger, it wasn’t on a whim: it was based on in-depth research and restaurant management experience.

The owners of the restaurant launched BaZNGA as avid fans of the TV show Big Bang Theory. They wanted to capture the fun of the show and merge it with science and science fiction. But the sandwich and dessert shop continuously failed to perform up to expectations.

So the owners made a decision: they either had to close or bring in an expert that could help.

When our team at A2z Restaurant Consulting met with them, we suggested a total revamp – name, menu, and to a smaller degree, the look.

Located on the upper west side of New York City on  Amsterdam Ave. in the mid-80s, there was certainly foot traffic, so location wasn’t the problem.

Big Bang Burger NYC kosher A2z did some research and suggested the following changes:

  • Rename it Big Bang Burger so people knew immediately what to expect,
  • narrow the menu to burgers and desserts,
  • convert the fast food restaurant to all kosher,
  • review the kitchen, food quality, and serving procedures,
  • create a new website, and create and redesig social media pages: Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram, and TripAdvisor.

According to the review they left on Google, one of the owners said that:

Mr. Fahmy didn’t promise miracles. He honestly evaluated our basic concept, location and our goal to have a mom and pop shop that would serve the community. Based on his extensive hardscrabble experiences in the restaurant world going back to his teens, Eddie felt we might be able to succeed if we listened to his advice. He never pressured us to sign up with his company and was always easy going and friendly and available.

Eddie turned out to be prescient, decisive, action oriented, flexible, and always disciplined about what is realistic in a business model trying to be profitable in the NYC metropolitan area. Eddie took control of our entire revamping and we are now doing 5x the business we made just a few months ago. Eddie is the closest you can get to “The Profit” and “Bar Rescue” all rolled up in one guy!

When you’re considering changing your food menu, there are many considerations. We’re thrilled that we were able to help them.

If you need help analyzing your restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or by calling 1-917-407-4200 for a free meet up and evaluation. 

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